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Sleep disorders can turn your nights into battles and your days into a haze, affecting between 50 and 70 million people across the United States. From insomnia, which makes falling or staying asleep a challenge, to conditions like sleep apnea that disrupt your breathing, these issues can greatly impact your well-being. Other disorders like narcolepsy bring uncontrollable sleepiness while restless legs syndrome causes discomfort that prevents restful sleep. Night terrors, characterized by intense fear and thrashing during sleep, and chronic sleep deprivation further compound the problem. The good news is that help is available. Dr. David Salvage, a specialist in sleep disorders in Brooklyn, NY, is dedicated to helping you reclaim restful nights and rejuvenating sleep. With expert care, you can find solutions to improve your sleep quality and overall health, ensuring your body and mind function at their best. Reach out to Dr. Salvage's practice to start your journey to improve the quality of your sleep.

Treating sleep disorders requires a personalized approach since the causes of these issues vary greatly from person to person. Dr. David Salvage takes the time to understand each patient's unique situation by listening to their concerns, reviewing their medical history, and thoroughly evaluating symptoms. Based on this comprehensive assessment, he develops a customized treatment plan tailored to address the specific problem and individual goals of the patient. This plan often includes ongoing psychotherapy to address any underlying psychological issues, along with psychopharmacologic solutions to manage symptoms effectively. By combining these strategies, Dr. Salvage aims to help patients achieve restful and restorative sleep, improving their overall quality of life.

Understanding the symptoms of various sleep disorders is crucial in recognizing and addressing these issues effectively. Each disorder manifests differently with unique signs that can significantly impact your daily life and overall health. Identifying these symptoms early can lead to more effective treatment and better sleep health. Dr. David Salvage in Brooklyn, NY is skilled in identifying the often disruptive symptoms associated with various sleep disorders, which include:

  • Insomnia: Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up too early and not being able to go back to sleep.
  • Sleep apnea: Loud snoring, gasping for air during sleep, waking up with a dry mouth, and experiencing morning headaches.
  • Narcolepsy: Excessive daytime sleepiness, sudden loss of muscle tone (cataplexy), sleep paralysis, and hallucinations during sleep onset or upon waking.
  • Sleep deprivation: Persistent tiredness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and impaired performance in daily activities.
  • Night terrors: Episodes of screaming, intense fear, thrashing, and difficulty waking up during an episode.
  • Restless legs syndrome: Uncomfortable sensations in the legs, often described as itching, tingling, or a crawling feeling, leading to an irresistible urge to move them, especially at night.

Fantastic Psychiatrist - I can't say enough wonderful things about David Salvage. It's extremely difficult to find a psychiatrist who actually listens, takes their time with you and works 'with you' to find the right medication for whatever you are struggling with. David is a gem, and I would recommend him to everyone and anyone who is seeking quality care. David, besides everything I just mentioned is kind, extremely knowledgeable, and has such a calm presence. The office was amazing. It's super cozy and unique, and not sterile like so many other offices I've been to. You will not regret scheduling with him. Thank you, David!

Anonymous Healthgrades

Dr Salvage is a highly intelligent, generous, and sympathetic doctor. He is very gentle, listens intently, and makes you feel as if you are in a partnership aimed toward your best health. I recommend him highly.

P. Vitals

I've been a patient of Dr. Salvage for over three years. He is a true professional. He goes out of his way to provide excellent service. Dr. Salvage is a rarity in psychiatry. While he is a medical doctor, he has a highly humanistic manner and approach that makes you feel welcomed as soon as you walk into his office. I highly recommend him.

P.N. Google

Dr. Salvage has literally saved the lives of 2 of my family members. He is so kind and caring and his knowledge of psychopharmacology is amazing. Depression and anxiety are difficult to manage long-term and his therapy and med selection has taken us all from some very dark places into a more balanced life filled with happiness. We still struggle, but with Dr. Salvage’s care, we have hope again.

J.K. Google


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If sleep troubles have been disrupting your nights and affecting your days, it might be time to seek help. Dr. David Salvage is dedicated to understanding your unique situation and providing personalized care to improve your sleep quality. Don't let sleep disorders control your life. Reach out today to schedule an appointment to revive restful, rejuvenating sleep. With compassionate support and guided treatment, better sleep is within your reach at David Salvage, MD in Brooklyn, NY.

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